Meat Tenderizers- The Best Ones For Your Dinner Preparation!

Let us look at the different options of a meat tenderizer that are available.

Types of meat tenderizer

 Meat tenderizers are broadly classified into three categories namely blade, mallet, and needle. Now quickly have a close look at all of these.


Valleys are the most conventional tenderizing tools used to tenderize all kinds of meat they typically are equipped with two sides one of them features a lot of small points that are shaped like a pyramid and they are ideal for Breaking the tough Bond in the meet the other side which is flat and smooth it can be utilized to make the meat flat and cook it more evenly these tools are very easy to use and they are very effective you just have to make sure that you choose the right side and the meat has to be struck with the smell like the way you use a hammer.

There is one important thing that you need to remember while using these kinds of standard sizes and it is that you need sufficient space to use this kind of a tenderizer because it can make a mess in your kitchen and what you need to do is always wear an apron and if possible cover the countertops also because it is highly likely that the meat gets plated when you are trying to tenderize it.



This category of meat tenderizer utilizes razor-sharp needles and these needles are used to puncture the meat up to a depth of two inches. These needles are capable of tearing apart the muscle and they provide channels for marinade and seasoning to penetrate the meat. These cuts can reduce the cooking time as the moisture and heat can penetrate through the meat easily.

These meat tenderizers are highly not suitable for skin meat cuts because the needled skin appears and tears the meat apart instead of just tenderizing it, however, a few tenderizers of this kind also have some safety features like the needles are retractable or they have a God to prevent such accidents.


 When it comes to the function of the blade tenderizers, they are a lot identical to the needle tenderizer. These tenderizers also use piercing blades to cut the meat. What this does is increase the tenderness of the meat and a lot of channels are created for the seasoning and the flavors to enter and penetrate through the meat.