Your shopping become easy with the help of product filter & search

The entire world is chasing over the internet for everything which made the e-commerce site usage to reach its heights. Holding a shop in a big e-commerce platform is a challenging task, where you are supposed to face heavy competition. Are you selling products in an online store, especially in a big market place like Shopify? Then you would have faced issues in arranging the products in-store and to find out a product in the shop to modify their data. That too if you are holding more than 5k products it consumes more time for you to do product filter & search and proceed for order out. Now get rid of all these tensions, make the store management, and orders easy by using a fine Shopify store application like smart product filter & search.

By installing this application you can easily search for a specific product in the specific collection. It also helps out customers to filter out the product based on their need in front store even when you hold more product collections in your online shop. Moreover, when the product search becomes easy customer can get their needs easily which in turn increase shop sale too.

Features of smart product filter application:

As said before using smart product filter and search application you can able to create multiple filter options to your store. Many of you can even think of using the default filter setting which is available in Shopify. But the case is it allows you to set only certain levels of filters which won’t result much especially if the products are huge in number. In such a case being smart is wise, however, to clear all doubts about the usage of external application checks to their features.

  • The smart product filter & search application do allow you to create multiple filtering options for the shop such as brand, color, size, collection, vendors name, product type, percentage sale, inventory-based, availability, and lot more.
  • Here you can also have multiple filtering options that differ based on collections such as clothing collection, shoes, accessories, and so on.
  • You can also select the filtering option using the tag to block them and set specific orders.
  • The application allows you to set a pattern of filter display i.e., the filter products would be either displayed in horizontal wise, vertical, or off-canvas.
  • It also allows you to set color swatch for color variation products without using any color application.

All these facilities are clubbed in one application smart product filter& search. The main benefit of using this application is your customer would not find any empty shop pages as the filter lets out only available options. So what’s more make use of smart product filter & search application to manage your inventory in a hassle-free!