Butterfly Earring – The Spirit of You

Earrings have a very beneficial function. Wearing earrings has an acupuncture-effect on the body. In ancient China, earrings were developed for the purpose of health rather than for the purposes of state decoration, the father of western medicine writes about Hippocrates, ear piercing and earrings that date to 470 BC. As a cure and treatment of menstrual problems. Ancient people treated diseases of feminine Yin organs via earrings within the left ear and diseases of the male Yang organs via the proper ear.

One of the many Hindu pieces of jewelry, is one of the most important and common items that both men and women wear. Even in tribal societies, earrings are a must, and there are different forms and sizes of ear piercing.

Why do men or women usually wear rings?

As clothes make a man, earrings are an extra piece of clothing worn by women to bring out inner beauty, elegance, elegant look. This makes him divine and gentle. So to enhance her beauty and nurture her minutiae, she wore earrings. The position of your face makes you very glamorous. Bright and shiny and make your shine. The best-known support for the studded purse is known as butterflies.

Butterfly Earring, where the name comes from

Butterflies; Can you guess where the name came from? It is quite obvious that if you have seen them, there is a butterfly-shaped metal disk in the blanket. They feature two small loops, aka butterfly earrings, with a small hole in between. Roles that are usually easier to place in your ear because the weight of the earrings helps to keep the earrings in place; A fish hook hinges on the back of the ear providing a balance of metal and ensures that your ear cuffs don’t come out.

How safe is the butterfly back?

Are you wondering if an accident can pull the back of your ear? It is obvious what the problem is. If you pull a piece of cloth over your head when you are on your earrings, your clumps will likely fall into place. You may not even know that your openings are out because many people are not able to feel that their seals are missing. A morality story, be careful when wearing earrings on the back of a butterfly to make sure they don’t crash.

If your butterfly earrings fall, you should try and find them because they are unlikely to go very far. However, if you are unable to find them, you do not need to worry too much. They can be replaced very easily. It is possible for you to buy a packet of butterflies at a reasonable price. However, you need to see that the hole in the butterfly is the right size for your earrings. On the other hand, replacing your diamond earrings is not easy, so be careful not to lose them.