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best budget floor standing speakers

All your gamers listen up, if you got big hands and find it difficult to control your mouse, which sometimes makes you end up loosing the game, you better pay attention. Because it’s going to help you a lot. There are mice which are equipped to help big handed gamers, so that they aren’t sloppy and mess up the game. So, don’t worry! Also look for best budget floor standing speakers

best budget floor standing speakersWhat are speaker’s ad mouse?

Gaming mice is just like any other mouse; however, they are equipped for more control and stability. They have more features like programmable buttons, higher sensitivity, adjustable and faster response times. These features are there so they allow the gamer quicker reactions and allows them to be more comfortable while gaming.

When choosing a gaming mouse there are features to look out for, like;

  • Programmable buttons
  • Acceleration
  • If it is wired or wireless
  • Polling rate/ response time
  • Sensors
  • The adjustable weight
  • And most important is the design and comfort

Get your hands on these!

Now gamers with big hands must get their hands on these mice, they are well equipped to make sure that you have a comfortable gaming experience.

  • Logitech Proteus Spectrum Gaming Mouse- This mouse if best fit for serious gamers, it has got 11 programmable buttons, and it is a wired mouse with RGB. It costs $47. Yes, a bit pricy but the value gained from is a good price to pay.
  • The J-Tech Digital Wired Ergonomic Gaming Mouse- This is the best vertical mouse users, it has 5 programmable buttons, plus it is wired, and the cool thing about this mouse is that it has an ergonomic design. It costs $28.99
  • The UtechSmart Venus Laser Gaming Mouse- this is the best overall, it has got 18 programmable buttons, a 16400 Max DPI, it is also wired, and has got led lights. It costs $32.99

The $300 gaming laptops are the best, but even though it can be pricy it will benefit gamers as it will allow them more comfort.

Is it Worth it?

As these gaming mice are beneficial, as they provide more comfort for the gamer, and make it easier for the gamer to compete. They have a fair chance at winning. However, they can be costly as it can exceed $50 which is a bit too much for a mouse. But if you are serious gamer then it would recommend that you invest in a gaming mouse. So, it depends on how serious of a gamer you are and how much you are willing to spend on it.