Professional Eyelash Extension Supplies of Premium Quality

Professional Eyelash Extension Supplies of Premium Quality

Who else can give you that extra, extra lash help? Our online store specializes in selling professional eyelash extension supplies to lash makers who are looking for high-quality products at a reasonable price mix with durable products. If you are in this business, you already know the importance of getting a hand with lash extension tools.

Stacy Lash is the best shop where you can find supplies necessary for your everyday lash work. Our mission is to provide you with quality equipment to help you make beautiful and natural lashes.


Must-Have Items for Professional Eyelash Extension

Professional and personal lash appliers know that there are tools needed to create lavishing, beautiful, and natural looking lashes whenever you might be going. Keep in mind that the correct application of every eyelash extension ensures that it will stay in place longer and as a result, users will definitely be satisfied with the result. However, you can’t do it without professional tools:

  • Eyelash extensions. With our broad selection of mink eyelash extensions, you’ll easily create a natural look. Not only that, but we got tons of kind that you can go through that you’d be able to choose whatever you might like. We guarantee the quality of every product.
  • The key mission of this tool is to ensure the control necessary to apply every lash in a proper way. Tweezers are your best friend for this type of work, and we got one that can absolutely help you out.
  • A sealer. It can strengthen the bond by providing more protection and adding shine to your eyelash extensions.
  • A bonding solution. With the help of this tool, lash makers can easily fix extensions to eyelashes. The majority of bonding solutions dry very quickly.
  • Round or oval sponges. Eyelash extensions are very tiny, so you can use sponges to hold them. As a result, you’ll have all extensions at hand and won’t lose them.
  • Lash makers use this tool to bond the natural eyelash to the eyelash extension. We have a wide array of glues with the longest retention period and short dry time. All the ingredients that are used in our glues are of premium quality.

Our online store is ready to provide you with all these tools and more. It doesn’t matter whether you are a budding specialist or a professional lash maker, you simply can’t do without them. If your key objective is to be a pro, don’t even try to save money on tools. Don’t risk losing your clients: purchase high-quality tools at Stacy Lash!