All about eyelash extensions

All about eyelash extensions

The use of eyelash extensions is growing day by day in this technology world These lash extensions are used to enhanceeye beauty and even helps to build up high confidence levels,primarily when you are engaged in office conferences and all. In health-wise, it benefits you more in relieving you from external dust. Instantly this reason provokes you to make use of these eyelashes necessarily in this polluted world.These eyelashes extensions are brought up from the human hair. You can select the eyelashes that suit your eye, especially if those looks like very thick and curly wised shape. Moreover, many people prefer different forms to increase the beauty, that matches them exactly.  You will be benefited more when you meet your requirements in case of eyelash extensions like the products of Stacy Lash in the online market especially.

The necessary procedure of applying for eyelash extensions:

Even though the application of eyelash extensions takes more time; it is the best solution to the girls those who want to be convenient all the time. Here you need not worry about applying mascara whenever you go out like that. Generall, ittakes one or 3hour for using these lash extensions, but it benefits you for lasting these applied lash extensions for approximately one month time. Gradually you may see these lashes results in thinning and at this point of time add some new ones as a replacement. This is how you have to apply lashes regularly and replace it once it gets thin for every three weeks like that. So, you can maintain your eye beauty happily without any interruptions. In this regard, you can try the use of Stacy Lash eye extensions that occupied the best place in the current cosmetic field.

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Maintenance of eyelashes after application for long period naturally:

For active support, you have to concentrate on the following tips;

  • You have to take care of your eyelashes extensions by sleeping on your back. You have to change your sleeping position, especially over here after application. You have to becareful for a night or two, and then you can proceed normally to sleep well.
  • Use a complete cleansing wipe for removing your makeup around your eye after the eyelash application. Do not use any cotton pads especially to remove your eye makeup and it is strictly advised to avoid cotton pads to have direct contact with your lids or over to it.
  • Generally, eyelash extensions look like healthy only when you apply some oil in it like baby oil. Keeping your eyelash extensions as dry as possible is good but lubricating it also advisable for more extended maintenance.
  • Use a small brush to roll up on your eyelashes for its defined look. Almost all the cosmetic experts evenly recommend this. It is just like combing your hair and as similarly combing your lashes is also an excellent job for effective maintenance.
  • Over here, do not try to play with eyelashes, especially as it risks your natural eyelashes will break down in this process. So it is strictly advised.


This is how proper maintenance is required for effective and more extended use of eyelash extensions.