When to Replace an Old Washing Machine

A washing machine is very important in the conduct of daily life. Without it, you have to manually tackle tons of laundry to keep yourself and the house clean. If you have an old washing machine, you should learn how to spot warning signs of a looming breakdown so you can start saving for a new washer or you can start planning.

Here‘s when to replace a wasmachine:

If you notice leaking

You must know that leaking is the most obvious sign that the machine is in trouble. Leaking is the result of a loose connection or overflowing connection.

If you hear excessive noise

If your washing machine is making a sound like it is about to take flight whenever you are using it, you just need to balance it. You can simply stop the cycle and rearrange your clothes so they are distributed equally. However, you should not shrug this easily as it is another sign that something is wrong inside the machine.

If you see it is moving

The washing machine should stay in the same place whether it is rinsing or spinning your clothes. If you see that it sways from side to side and it looks as though it is walking, it means you need to get a replacement soon.

If you see water doesn’t fill the drum

When your drum isn’t filling up, you should check the hose and the water faucets. If there is no problem with the hose or the faucets, there might be a complication with the water valve or filter. For this, the professionals need to look at it.

When to Replace an Old Washing Machine

If you know that it is more than eight years

If you are aware that your washing machine is more than eight years, it is time that you think of replacing it. Keep in mind that the closer it gets to its life expectancy, the more expensive the repairs are. Instead of spending money on repairs, it makes sense if you just replace it with a new one. Newer models can last up to 11 years.

If you have a top loader washing machine

If you have a top loader washing machine, the cost of the repairs will be more expensive compared to front loader washing machine especially when it is nearing its life expectancy. The reason is that parts for top loading washing machines are more expensive.

Now you know when is the best time to replace your washing machine, your next concern should be where to buy. Buying online is good because you can find year-round deals. It is also convenient because you only need to wait for its delivery – usually within 24 hours or the next day. You can also consider buying in big-box stores but at least wait until September and October. These are the times when manufacturers reveal new models. If they reveal new ones, older models will be cheaper.