Wedding Bells are ringing

Wedding Bells are ringing

Weddings have become a prestigious and a joyful occasion where couples take an oath of staying, living and building the future together. In older days there were only few bridal wears which made the selection process easier, but now there are plenty of bridal fashions and different trends which will obviously makes the selection process tougher and tougher. If the bride wants to be on trend, then these are some of the wedding dress trends which are considered as a huge deal in recent times,

  • The iris grill is a unique and a trend setting style, which will suit brides who are looking for an elegant wear for their wedding
  • Tea length wedding dress which falls below the knee and above the ankle will be the favourite in the list for the brides who love old school wedding dresses
  • Brides who are simply daring and body confident should blindly opt for sheer bridal gown, as this trend will as bold as their confidence and mentality and it is sure to make a memorable day
  • Separates will surely suit the brides who never imagined themselves getting married.
  • Ruffles are the best choice for the brides who prefer being simple yet adding a touch of dashing into their attire

Bridal Couture

  • Brides who are very much traditional and classic at the same time should prefer an off shoulder wedding dress
  • Without doubt the best and the most gorgeous gown is a low V wedding dress
  • Bows should be the preference for the girls who love being girly and flaunting the same at their wedding day
  • Coloured wedding dress is suitable for brides of different skin tones and for those willing to experiment
  • Brides who are gym freaks and want to show their abs and want to add a touch of that at the wedding should opt for a crop top
  • Brides who want to impress the viewers even from the back should try a dramatic back gown
  • Bridal Couture with sleeves is the an option for the brides who are getting engaged in the winter
  • Brides who plan for a country wedding should opt for a floral bridal gown as the dress will completely suit the bride and the situation
  • Brides who love high low dresses can choose a high low wedding dress
  • If there’s a very grand wedding taking place, then the bride should wear a high necked bridal gown as it gives a royal touch
  • Brides who love to shine all through the wedding should opt for a jeweller wedding dress
  • Brides who love casuals should go and opt for the jumpsuit wedding dress. Jumpsuits are generally considered as a coolest casual trend so the wedding will become cooler with a jumpsuit on!

Weddings start with choosing a perfect dress and ends with pulling off the dress perfectly, so dedicating some time on perfect bridal dresses and fashions will help the wedding last longer in the Memories. For bridal couture, try here