Top Tips for Buying A Horse

Buying a horse is an awesome but highly demanding act that must be duly considered. The safety and wellbeing of your horse depend on several factors; hence, there are many things that you should understand before going ahead with buying a horse.

Below are top tips that can help you when buying a horse:

  • Consider your budget

The first thing you should do when buying a horse is to consider how much the horse will cost you. The budget of owing a horse goes beyond the purchase price, the costs of feeding, training, veterinary care, boarding, and farrier care can equally drain your pocket. Therefore, these costs must be also considered when buying a horse.

  • Be certain of the purpose

Why are you buying a horse? There are many reasons that can lead to buying a horse, and they include the need for a dressage champion and breeding. Irrespective of your purpose for buying a horse, you should be sure that you are getting the right horse that will be able to satisfy your need.

  • Look at how healthy the horse is

Do not shy away from checking the health of the horse. A veterinarian can help you to examine the horse so that you can know whether it healthy or not. The physical state of health, previous injuries or sickness and other important health indicators should be duly accessed before making any decisions.

  • Consider the size of the horse in relation to your size

Avoid buying a horse whose size is too big for you as this will sometimes give you various problems when you need to get back on the horse. Therefore, go for a horse that fits your size. In other words, if you are a tall person, you can go for a big horse, and if you are small, go for a pony that you will never have difficulty when riding it.

  • Get assistance

If you have a friend or professional trainer that can go along with you when buying a horse, do not hesitate to get the assistance of such person. With the help of another person, you will be able to make a better decision when picking a horse.

  • Check out the horse yourself

Do not take the words of the horse seller hook, line and sinker; take your time to access the horse yourself. From checking its interaction with other humans apart from the seller and other horses to considering its ability to heed instructions, you should evaluate everything yourself.

  • View the horse multiple times

You are less likely to buy the wrong if you check it more than once. Therefore, endeavor to check the horse several times and, if possible, in different environments and conditions.

  • Inquire about its diets

Diet and supplements form an important aspect of the wellbeing of horses. Hence, you should inquire about the current diet of the horse you are interested in buying.

Finally, if you can diligently follow the top tips listed above, you will be able to make a good decision when buying a horse. For more information on buying a horse, visit