The Surprising Health Benefits Of Drinking Alcohol in Moderation

The Surprising Health Benefits Of Drinking Alcohol in Moderation

Alcohol is not a bad drink at all. It’s we users who make it look bad. Our unethical drinking habits are the reason alcohol is perceived to be a bad drink. Just like milk and every other drink, it only becomes bad when taken in extreme.  As long as you source your alcohol from a London’s best alcohol & drink delivery company and drink it in moderation, you are assured of benefiting significantly health-wise.

Can Help Length Your Life

A study conducted by the Catholic University of Campobasso verified the claims on whether drinking alcohol moderately can extend someone’s lifespan or not. Based on the study, it was confirmed that if you drink not several drinks a day for an extended period of time, you are likely to decrease your chances of dying early by up to 18%. However, they recommended you take the alcohol in between meals for the best results.

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Lowers Odds Of Diabetes

Based on a Dutch study, it was confirmed that drinking two glasses of alcohol maximum a day can help reduce the chances of diabetes 2 developing. The study reported that when taken in moderation, alcohol can play an important role in a healthy lifestyle to help minimize the risk of diabetes type 2 developing.

Helps To Boost Libido

The intake of alcohol in moderation also aids to prevent erectile dysfunction.  In a 2009 study that was published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, it was confirmed that intake of alcohol in moderation helps to reduce the odds of erectile dysfunction by up to 30%. Thus, if you have noticed that your libido is quite low and you would want to boost it, you are highly advised to order for quality and genuine alcohol from London’s best alcohol & drink Delivery Company.

Lowers Odds of Gallstones

According to the researchers in the East Anglia University, taking alcohol in moderation can help you to lower the risk of developing gallstones by a third.  Based on the study, the people who had consumed two alcohol units daily had one-third chances of not developing gallstones. The study, however, made it vividly clear that extreme intake of alcohol could have serious effects on the consumer’s health.

Minimizes Chances of Cardiovascular Disease

A study done at the Harvard University in the School of Public Health discovered that intake of alcohol in moderation aids to increase the amounts of high-density lipoprotein, good cholesterol, and higher HDL which aids to minimize chances of heart disease.  The study confirmed that when alcohol is taken in the recommended quantities it aids to improve insulin levels, reduce clotting of blood and boost sensitivity.  All these will end up reduce blood clot and common problems with heart attacks and stroke.

Alcohol is healthy but only if taken in moderation. You cannot just be consuming alcohol carelessly and expect to gain the associated health benefits. If you surely want to reap and enjoy the many benefits of taking alcohol, you have to make sure you consume it in moderation. It is recommended you also make sure you buy quality and genuine alcoholic beverages.