5 Outstanding Advantages of Real Hair Extensions

If you have trouble growing your hair out or want to add more volume, then going for hair extensions is the right call. It is common wisdom that your hair shapes your face. But not just your face, your hair actually accentuates your entire look.

There are two types of hair extensions you can get: synthetic and real. Synthetic hair consists of low-grade acrylic that is made to look like real hair. Imagine that on your head. Not a pretty picture right? Real hair is made from human hair, which means they have all of the appearances and makings of natural silky hair.

If you are considering getting hair extensions, then you might be confused about whether to buy real or synthetic hair. Most women choose extensions made of real hair for a number of different reasons but here are the most common 5 things that make women choose real hair extensions over synthetic ones.

They Provide a Natural Looking Appearance

Synthetic wigs are pretty much made up of plastic fibre that looks like hair strands. It doesn’t quite have the quality and appearance that real hair has. Real hair extensions will easily blend in with your own hair and have a more realistic look and texture.

Real Hair Extensions to Choose From

There are several different real hair extensions you can choose. Since the hair is real, they give you a sleek look with a smooth finish. You can choose from a range of colours and textures and improve your whole look.

Real Hair Stands the Test of Time

If you are going to spend money on hair extensions, then you should purchase ones that will last a long time. The Australian weather can take a toll on your hair which may cause you to use a lot of products. Since synthetic hair is artificial, they will get damaged by traditional hair products. They are more likely to start fraying or lose their smooth texture if you wash them again and again. By comparison, premium real hair extensions like EH Hair Tape Extensions Australia can last up to six months, even with the washing. All you have to do is maintain and take proper care of them.

Style Them As You Like

Having real hair extensions means that you can treat them like real hair. You can straighten, curl or blow dry them to get any style you want. You cannot apply these heating tools to synthetic hair because it will melt.

Worth the Cost

It is not surprising that real hair extensions are more expensive than synthetic ones. But what makes them the best choice for hair extensions is that they pay off in the long run and help you save money. You don’t have to spend much to maintain their look plus they last longer. All of these things give you more ease and options when it comes to your hair extensions.