3 Types of Watches Women Must Have in Their Wardrobe

For women who ditched watches a long time back already for being able to check the time on their smartphones, it is time to rethink. As women, we love accessories, and there is no denying. Watches are one of the best accessories that are both functional and aesthetic. If you wear the right kind of watch based on how you are dressed, you can accentuate your looks pretty well. Here are three basic types of watches for different occasions that you must have in your wardrobe if you are a woman aspiring to look amazing.

The classic watch

If you work, you would want to have a watch to wear to work every day. Many human resource executives judge employees based on their intricate sense of fashion. A watch speaks a lot about an individual, so wearing a watch to work is a great idea. However, at work, you would have to keep it simple. So, wearing a classic watch that is simple, petite, and of a color that goes well with any kind of clothes would work.

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Jewelry watch

If you are going out for a fancy dinner, you can as well wear a jewelry watch instead of a bracelet. Jewelry watches are stone and diamond studded, made from expensive metal. As the name suggests, they are worn to be flaunted and give off an impression that you care about how you look. However, if a jewelry watch from a big brand is too much of lavish spending for you, you can even look for best replica watches that are hard to make out if or not they are original.

Sports watch

While classic watches are an excellent accessory for places, like work, you would want something more casual to wear as you go out somewhere else. Sports watches go well with denim outfits, jackets, casual tees, and just about anything. So, getting a sports watch of your favorite color to wear for casual outings would be a great idea to justify your casual look.

If you have these three kinds of watches in your wardrobe, no matter what look you would want to rock, your watch would have your back completing the look. It is now that you would find more variety in different styles of watches more than ever, even while many believe watches are a needless expenditure. So, know your style and get yourself the best kind for watches.