Finding different ways to style Goddess Braids

Woman looking for hairstyles that comes with low maintenance style can choose goddess braids.  These hairstyles will help you to feel like a goddess. People may think these are similar to cornrow braid but these are the improved version of cornrow braid and even looks better than cornrow. Women can go for this style to get a wonderful feel and fabulous look. These goddess braids are beautiful and helps in maintaining the hairstyle for months without any worry. People, who wanted to give a break to hair due to damage or due to over treat, can go for goddess braids to fill the damage. One can check the source available in social media to get familiar with goddess braids.

The convenience and the simplicity make the goddess braids more popular among girls.  Women really interested in the hairstyle can go through the source material or can browse through virtual media to get the style that best suits them.  There are certain styles which cannot be done by own or through friends. To get the braider look, choosing a professional stylist will be a better choice. Professional braiding will consume time and can be done perfectly and quickly by the professional stylist without causing much damage. Women having curly, kinky and frizzy hair should add a conditioner to it before braiding to avoid damage.

The tall crown:  A crown of huge braids that is piled high on the head, which resembles a crown and comes with a stunning design and gains importance.  The crown style adds glamour to the women. Tall braids are those, which comes with three different braids, which are huge and are piled even on the scalp.

Unusual designs:  women trying to do experiments and crawling to look different from others to stand ahead in the crowd will choose unusual designs.  The braids resembling waves and having small braids in between the style is one of the unusual designs. A high braid is designed in a way that it has three goddess braids all around the head.  They sit high in the head and are thick.  This style makes the woman look different.

Benefits of goddess braids: Braids will remain for longer durations, protects the hair from damage, gives a break from styling your own hair and makes the hair look nice even without maintenance for two weeks.  These braids are protective styles which helps the edges to grow healthier and longer. When the hair is in braids, the hair and the edges are tucked away to get prevented from damage.

 Lower maintenance:  installing goddess braids hairstyles is a way that is found useful to pay less attention to the hair.  Lower maintenance is okay but neglecting them totally may end In damage to the natural hair under the braids.  So minimum care is required and the braids should be spirited with a moisturizer and should be sealed with natural oil.

The styling options will be endless as there are different types of hairstyles trending in goddess braids.

Counseling: When to start?

Let us be frank here – counselling is a hard thing to do. Firstly, it takes courage to accept the fact that you need to go see someone. Secondly, it is very hard to actually go. It is indeed a very big step in your life. But when do you know it is the right time to see a counsellor or a therapist? You need to understand yourself. Nobody knows you better than yourself. If you are finding it very hard to pass by a day, and if you are not comfortable to share your feelings and thoughts to your friends or your colleagues, it is indeed time to see a therapist as soon as possible. There are counselors who can help you with almost all your problems – be it the silliest of them.Click here to find out how we can help you.


Are you a couple and finding it difficult to tie the strings?

Well, you are not the only one. Almost all the couples over the world experience some sort of problems at some point in their lives. The term “happily ever after” exists only in the movies and the books. If you are a couple, there is always room for indifferences. This might lead to some arguments. While most of the arguments gets settled over time, some might lead to something dangerous. And there might come a day where you no longer feel the spark with your partner. This is where you have to play your cards wisely. You should not let some silly arguments and fights affect your marriage. This is the part when both of the partners in the relationship have to accept the fact that you need to go see someone. Click here to find out how our counselors can help you. When your partner says “honey, we need to go see someone”, do not panic. Your partner has put in some thought into it and is actually trying to save the relationship. It might sound scary when you hear the word counselling in the beginning. But once you start attending the sessions, you will develop a more positive outlook. Studies say that couples are not getting enough time for counseling. When it comes to saving your relationship, time is one thing you will have to sacrifice. Some couples also have doubts whether the therapist will be helping in solving their silly problems – in short, they have doubts. Let us tell you this, they are good at what they do. They are called “counselors for a reason. Click here to find out how life made conscious can help you save your relationship. When it comes to counseling people, no one does it better than us.