What is the difference between flip-flops and slippers?

The footwear industry is the upcoming industry in today’s world. The time has passed when the footwear in India was constructed to traditional mochis and all. Today this is a booming industry with a bright future ahead. “A gentleman is judged by the shoes he wears” is the phrase that has been taken very seriously in this world of today. The production of the section has also increased drastically to meet the demands of the market and every year we have a newly seasoned bran entering the footwear section with its range of products.

There have been quite many developments in this industry. This has become a research field incorporating modern sciences and the tools and equipment they provide. Due to the high dependency on the shoes in the field of sports especially athletics, soccer etc., these need to be constantly developed and more reliable, strong, flexible, comfortable and adjustable according to the feet they are on and the situation they are used in. Among many products that have come up few like the flip flops cushion slippers, football cleats, among few others have especially gained popularity.

The footwear has evolved into many Categories and a few of which include:

  • Boots
  • Shoes
  • Sandals
  • Indoor footwear
  • Specific or occasional footwear
  • Traditional footwear

Gone are the days when there used to be only boots and shoes which were termed as footwear along with the ones worn traditionally. Now the footwear has demarcated them even for specific occasion wear. These are the very types which include the sportswear as well as per the specific game you are playing.

Indoor footwear is one such new category which has been included in the footwear section. These are specially designed to be worn inside the homes and these are usually made up of processed latex i.e they are rubber products. They are made as such that they are for regular use and can with the stand that rough touch and constant use. they did not use to be that designer when they came in being, but these have also developed with the passage of time and these now also come with designs and various types like there are simple slippers which are the old ones, the ones very less aesthetic, simple design to provide a simple base to the soles of the feet providing it protection from the ground below. Then there are acupressure slippers which are quite similar to the first ones except they are equipped with rubber point poking out which provide pressure on the soles of the feet and they are beneficial to the health. There are a few other types as well and one of them is the flip flop.

Flip flops and regular slipper can be somewhat termed under one category slipper but that is not justified as there are differences and flip flops are not at all what we associate with the slippers. Slippers are worn completely indoors, and these are made as such like they provide comfort, they are not very stylish as mentioned and such. But when we talk about the flip-flops they are evolved over the boring slippers and these are designer ones and can be easily worn outdoors, paired with any jeans and they are given with straps which hold on to the feet making them easier to wear outside.

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