Innovation and versatility in one bag

Bags are probably one of the most common things used by people every day. These bags have various types but all have the same purpose, to carry things. This is especially true in people who are usually required to carry a lot of stuff every day either for their jobs or for school work. Sometimes because of this requirement, they carry a lot of things which in some cases cannot really be accommodated fully by regular bags or backpacks.

Reasons such as these are mainly behind the development of Zuca bags. The bags give people an alternative which have a unique and different approach to the purpose of bags. These are not your typical, run of the mill bags. They are more than just something to put your things in. These bags are a combination of both form and function and their ergonomic design may prove to be a convenience to people who are burdened by carrying heavy stuff all the time.

Functionality at its best 

Zuca bags are made of high quality materials that make them very durable and lightweight as well as waterproof too. The bags mainly consist of two major parts, the “insert” which is typically the bag, and a frame with wheels to put the insert into. This function makes the bag capable of being pushed or pulled rather than just carrying it and in turn, makes it possible for you to carry heavier things without exerting much effort. The bag doubles as a seat as well so you can sit on it without worrying that it might get broken, this can be pretty useful in situations where a lack of chairs is present.

Pick your poison 

As far as how the bag will look overall, you basically can choose whatever design you want from over a hundred choices for the inserts and about 8 colour choices for the frames. This means you have a little over a thousand possible combinations you can choose from to make the bag more… you.

Parts sold separately 

If ever the urge to change the appearance of the bag arises, you can do so with relative ease since Zuca sells parts separately. Whether you want to have add-ons to your bag or you want to change the design of the insert or the colour of the frame, you can do so without needing to buy a whole new set, unless you really want a new one just in case.

The same goes for replacement parts such as the wheels. Instead of buying a whole new set or a new frame just so you can have new wheels, you can buy them separately. This means that you can buy only what you need.

All in all, the bags from Zuca are a great alternative to backpacks and can make your life a whole lot easier when carrying a lot of heavy stuff is needed. The bags also have a more specialized line as well catering to a specific purpose such as that for travelling, for pet lovers so they can bring their pets with them, as well as those for athletes who want to have some sort of a mini locker room on the go.