The Best Time To Have Your Pictures Clicked

A great photographer is the one who can master the use of the natural light as well as the artificial light. There is no particular time to shoot any photography. You can click pictures whenever you want. There is no replacement for natural light. So, if you want to click a picture in natural light, you need to know the best time for clicking your type of photographs. You can hire a photographer to learn more about it.

The different times of the day for photography, let us have a look

Golden Hour:

The short period during the twilight & the dusk are considered as Golden Hour. Many photographers believe it to be the best time for photography as the sun gives a softer, reddish-pink light which is better for capturing dramatic and artistic images. They are great for capturing portraits, landscape images, and wedding photography. If you wish to get the same effect as that of the golden hour during any other time of the day, you will be requiring various types of equipment and accessories.


High Noon:

This is not the best time for shooting photographs as there is harsh lighting which can make photos look flat. However, if you are looking to shoot photographs of water or glass, then this is the best time as the sun is directly above and thus there are no reflections on it. At noon, the water is transparent as the light from the sun penetrates deep into the water.

Afternoon and Mid-Morning:

This is the best time for general photography as the light is slightly yellow which reduces the highlights and shadows and enhances skin tones. Exposure could be a little issue and the images could be a little flat which could be corrected by composition.

Blue Hour:

Blue Hour is also known as dawn or dusk. It is the period before sunrise and after sunset. The contrast is low during this time and lighting provides a cool panel effect. The blue hour occurs only for a couple of minutes. You need to be quick to capture images during this period and the photos appear a little warm with blue effect.

Night time:

Shooting photos at night is not the easiest of the task as there is a complete lack of sunlight. There are settings in the camera which allows you to capture beautiful photos by taking shots with long exposure. In the absence of sunlight, you can choose your own source of light such as car light, street lamps, etc. these lights can provide different dramatic effects on your pictures. You can also change the direction of light which is falling on your subject.


These time periods are best if only you know how to make proper use of them. Constant practice can help you with this.