Best Hand Crafted Jewelry Accessories Available Now!

Dia is indeed a tribute towards Southeast Asia including a unique approach to discover the culture. That’s where you’ll find handmade companies, as well as the lovely items they make and the narratives underlying them.

A handcrafted business is something that emphasizes craftsmanship and excellence over large scale production as well as scalability; its production method is mostly or totally done manually, and it frequently employs traditional craft abilities.

One could find the best hand crafted jewelry accessories in this store. They’ve put together a collection of products or information which represents Southeast Asia’s variety and artisanal tradition.

More about them:

Their goal is to promote Southeast Asian craftsmanship as well as help it gain the international proper attention.It’s an androgynous Malay term that describes “she/he/them” but also relates to the stronger desire to Benefit Craftsmen Personally.

Dia is indeed a Greek word that means “through, beyond, either between,” that reflects their objective of narrowing the gap among real Southeast Asian craftsmanship and a discriminating worldwide audience who can really understand it. Their main aim is to provide amazing jewelry accessories to the masses.

  • They exhibit excellent and unique brands company trust throughout.
  • Their partnership businesses may not bulk manufacture as well as provide ethical support structures for craftsmen.
  • They would only tell you things that would enrich your perspective on the situation.

Some More Insights:

  • They’re built on the idea of giving a worldwide readership an excellent way of learn about Southeast Asia plus purchase for excellent designer labels. Visit their Storytelling section for intriguing articles on the area, as well as their collection of lovely things.
  • It’s an advertising platform which sells items from handcrafted Southeast Asian firms as well as pertinent information about the location. In the year 2020, 3 Malaysian buddies established it. To discover further, go to their About Us section.
  • It cultivates intimate relations between each business or craftsman to guarantee that their demands are addressed and also that respective ethical production requirements are followed. They gained valuable insight into what they placed on this forum. They collaborate with those they trust but also who trust them.
  • They do offer returns, but only in the format of shop credits. During that moment, they are unable to accept swaps.


The creators have government experience, data analytics, media, hospitality, & competitive analysis, among other fields. They’ve invested their hearts and souls into this in ways to construct the most considerate system conceivable. This involves curating a purchasing experience, offering relevant material, and developing a thriving community.If you want to buy these amazing jewelry you should definitely consider them.

How to decide what jewellery to get your infant child 

Infant adornments can be an incredible present for another child in your life, however it’s imperative to comprehend a couple of key things before buying gems for your little one. Peruse on to study infant adornments and the various alternatives accessible for recently conceived children. It is natural for any parent to want to gift something to the apple of their eye. As infants cannot value any gift the general thing to do for a parent is to buy their child a piece of jewellery as a symbol of love.

Interesting points when Buying Newborn Jewellery 

Since babies are so little and extremely touchy to new materials and substances. It’s imperative to think about their wellbeing and security when looking for infant gems. Here are a couple of key things to remember before making your buy:

Material – It’s ideal to buy adornments made of hypoallergenic materials, for example, strong gold, authentic silver or fine metal plated to limit the danger of a hypersensitive response.

Size – Newborn gems ought to be appropriately estimated to fit minuscule wrists, ears and necks.

Plan – Make sure that the plan of your infant gems is fitting for an infant, Things like hanging charms can get captured effectively, which represents a security risk.

Different kinds of Kid’s jewellery 

Infant Bracelets —Infant arm bands are famous and the most popular Kids Jewellery sets , for an assortment of reasons. A few guardians may decide to buy an infant wristband for sex recognizable proof purposes or to show an ailment. Others may just need to purchase an arm band as a remembrance for their infant. Whatever the case might be, infant wristbands make a phenomenal alternative for infant gems.

Infant wrists are small, so it’s critical to ensure your arm band is appropriately measured for children. Else, it can sneak off decently without any problem. Likewise with other infant gems, it’s significant that whatever wristband you pick is made of a hypoallergenic material to limit the danger of unfavorably susceptible responses.

Infant Earrings —there is a lot of discussion over the proper age for a kid to get their ears pierced. In certain societies, infants’ ears are pierced only a couple of days after birth. Others hold up somewhat longer to pierce children’s ears. Ensure that the studs you use are suitable for babies. It is suggested get stud hoops for girls  made of a hypoallergenic material, for example, real silver or gold.

Infant Necklaces—Neckbands can be brilliant presents for infants, however it’s fundamental that they’re appropriately measured. Appropriately measuring your infant’s jewellery will keep it from sneaking off and guarantee that it’s as agreeable as workable for your infant to wear. Furthermore, you don’t need the neckband to be excessively close (like a choker) as this can be a wellbeing peril.

Security First —it’s imperative to feature, kids less than three years old must be managed consistently while wearing gems. Never leave a youngster younger than three unattended while wearing any gems item. Eliminate all adornments before snoozing, riding in a vehicle seat, shower time, unattended recess, or sleep time.

Ideas to choose Romantic jewelry pieces to compliment your love

There is no way to express your love and adoration for special someone than choosing a perfect piece of jewelry. Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and if you have not chosen a gift for your lady love, then why not go for romantic jewelry pieces. With the advent of the internet, it is now easy to buy quality jewelry at best prices. Find out at Nano jewelry the latest collection of necklaces, pendants, heart jewelry and many more. Check the official link of Nano Jewelry if you want to be spoilt for choices.

Explore the classic features of romantic heart jewelry

An intricate, breathtaking jewelry makes for a perfect Valentine’s Day gift. Women love to receive jewelry pieces from their loved ones, and especially, those that have heart shape. Use the occasion of Valentine’s Day to express your love by gifting adorable heart-shaped pendants. Well, it need not be a simple pendant only for you can avail them with exclusive features like luxurious magnifying glass that reads your love message. Choose from a range of unique inscriptions for any of the romantic occasions. Buy gifts for him, her, for mom, your dad, friends or colleagues. The online shops gives you a chance to buy pieces for anyone.

Romantic Jewelry Pieces

Implantation is not legal everywhere in the world probably because it is an extremely risky procedure to undertake in the first place. There are different kinds of implants available at present. For example, eye implants is getting jewelry for your eyeball and magnetic implants is the positioning of one half of the magnet under the skin and the other half on the exterior. While for some getting implants is a sort of fetish, there are people, who consider it to be outright gross. People are piercing varied parts of their body starting from ears and nose to tongue, lips, eyebrows,nipples, and what not. The entire process has gained incredible popularity in both general and mainstream cultures.

Well, in the following write-up, I have jotted down some of the most common body modifications that are lately high on demand. Readers are requested to buy some time and take a close look at the below-mentioned pointers.

Love knots and Cupid’s Arrow to show your love

Jewelry is considered a lady’s best friend. Besides, during the Valentine’s season, Find Out At Nano Jewelry carries jewelry pieces that spell out “Love”, “XO”, “I LOVE YOU”, “I LOVE YOU TO THE MOON”. You can also get it personalized as per the need. Buy them all under one roof and also avail attractive discounts. Get free shipping if the cart value exceeds minimum order amount.

So, what are you waiting for? Use these ideas and surprise your loved one. Do not forget to consider her likes and preferences.

Butterfly Earring – The Spirit of You

Earrings have a very beneficial function. Wearing earrings has an acupuncture-effect on the body. In ancient China, earrings were developed for the purpose of health rather than for the purposes of state decoration, the father of western medicine writes about Hippocrates, ear piercing and earrings that date to 470 BC. As a cure and treatment of menstrual problems. Ancient people treated diseases of feminine Yin organs via earrings within the left ear and diseases of the male Yang organs via the proper ear.

One of the many Hindu pieces of jewelry, is one of the most important and common items that both men and women wear. Even in tribal societies, earrings are a must, and there are different forms and sizes of ear piercing.

Why do men or women usually wear rings?

As clothes make a man, earrings are an extra piece of clothing worn by women to bring out inner beauty, elegance, elegant look. This makes him divine and gentle. So to enhance her beauty and nurture her minutiae, she wore earrings. The position of your face makes you very glamorous. Bright and shiny and make your shine. The best-known support for the studded purse is known as butterflies.

Butterfly Earring, where the name comes from

Butterflies; Can you guess where the name came from? It is quite obvious that if you have seen them, there is a butterfly-shaped metal disk in the blanket. They feature two small loops, aka butterfly earrings, with a small hole in between. Roles that are usually easier to place in your ear because the weight of the earrings helps to keep the earrings in place; A fish hook hinges on the back of the ear providing a balance of metal and ensures that your ear cuffs don’t come out.

How safe is the butterfly back?

Are you wondering if an accident can pull the back of your ear? It is obvious what the problem is. If you pull a piece of cloth over your head when you are on your earrings, your clumps will likely fall into place. You may not even know that your openings are out because many people are not able to feel that their seals are missing. A morality story, be careful when wearing earrings on the back of a butterfly to make sure they don’t crash.

If your butterfly earrings fall, you should try and find them because they are unlikely to go very far. However, if you are unable to find them, you do not need to worry too much. They can be replaced very easily. It is possible for you to buy a packet of butterflies at a reasonable price. However, you need to see that the hole in the butterfly is the right size for your earrings. On the other hand, replacing your diamond earrings is not easy, so be careful not to lose them.