Apparel for keeping oneself warm


A garment which is worn on the upper body by any of the gender for keeping warm or for fashion is called as coat. The Shop coats for women are normally long sleeves and are open in the front which can be closed by buttons,zippers,hooks,toggles or a belt or some times combination of this types.In some models they may be shoulder straps, collars and hoods to.

Types of Coats:

The Shop coat for women is divided into the over coats and the undercoats. The under coat means outermost layer used for outside ware and undercoats means the coast which is the under the normal coat.Finally, the coat is only referred to over coat only rather than undercoat. Some modifications have occurred over time by wearing coat with tie.


The women leather jackets are the jacket coat which is lengthy can they are usually worn on the top of the and other apparel or any item of clothing which is usually made from tinned hide of various animal fur. The material usually will be leather which is dyed by black or multiple shades of brown and some times wide varieties and contrast colors are also available.


The women leather jackets can be designed for various purposes, styles and it is depending on the various cultures worldwide. The jackets can be specifically designed for motorcyclists, military aviators,punks, metal heads,rivet heads,greasers, bikers some styles for mobsters too. The garment is mainly used for keeping warm and protective some times to show fashionable reasons too which gives highly attractive appearance to women too and gives animist dating look.


The most commonly used material for leather jackets are cowhide,sheepskin,buckskin,goatskin, antelopes and some kind of fur-based animals too. As the skin is removed from the animal in the meat processing unit the skin is salted and refrigerated and packed and then sent to the tannery where the skin is processed and designed and edges are softened. Once done with the process the shaping work is done and sewing and lining is done and a jacket is made for sale and export purposes.


The modern terms like coat and jackets are interchangeable terms normally the coat is the term is used for longer length garments which are wore outside and jacket is considered to be smaller in size and some times more fashionable in looks, Jacket are also used for protective purposes where as coats are used for keeping one self warm from the cold weather. The purpose of coat and jacket is one and the same but it depends the person who wears it for what purpose.