When the world white colored contact pop ups in our mind, we remember aboutzombies,cosplays, ghosts,oracles and seers. Usually the white color contacts are used to create an inhuman look which is terrifying. The main thing off all the white color contacts is they cover the Iris and give it whitish look to the eyes. They should bethin, breathable, comfortable and moisture rich. They should be easily one worn  by the users. Here are few white colored contacts which are sterile, can be used multiple times and affordable

Things to check before buying lenses

Here are a list of white colored contacts which provide you the following features

·         AFFORDABILITY: Which means one should buy the premium quality of contacts at reasonable price because every penny counts. One should not buy the cheaper quality lenses even though they are offered at low price.

·         SAFETY:One should select the lenses in such a way that they are thin, breathable, comfortable , moisture rich and can be used multiple times by the users

·         STERILITY:One should ensure that the lenses should be kept sterile and the provider also should provide with maximum sterility and ready to wear that means they need not be kept in the liquid before placing

·         APPEARANCE:As they are worn in a variety of fields like inHalloween, acting feels, stage performances etc. because of this they are available in different shapeslike Moon star lenses, black and white lenses, cat eye lenses, mansion white colored lenses.

Does they effect human eyes

Yes, in wearers who doesn’t maintain proper hygiene which may lead to eye infections and profuse watering of eyes because of inflammation.

In order to prevent this they should be placed in the liquid provided when they’re not in use. And They should be discarded if they get expired.

Choose the best white

The thickness and the opacity of white in lenses  varies where playing specific characters like ghosts, cosplays, zombies, oracles and seers.

They also provided in different shapes like cat eye pupil on white background, given strokes of red over white background, swirls of black on white colored contacts.

 To sum up

Even though White colored contacts gives an terrifying inhuman look they are used In specific fields. Before selecting the contact one should check all the above mentioned features are met or not. If all are met one can buy and use it accordingly.