What Kind Of Flowers Do You Give A New Mom?

The birth of a new baby brings loads of joy and excitement to the family.  Especially if the baby is born to a close relative or friend, the joy is boundless, and you will be wanting to shower the new mom and dad with gifts. But, how do you convey your wishes to the new parents during this pandemic period, especially when everyone is socially distancing from others? Don’t worry, you can send a special bouquet of flowers through flower delivery Toronto and convey your joy! Here are some flower ideas from our florist in Toronto Ontario that help you choose the right flowers to rejoice in the birth of a new baby.

When should you send the Flowers to the Family?

Wait until you hear the news that the new baby has safely arrived. In most cases, it’s advisable to wait until Baby is at home. You can check with your local florist on the options for same day flower delivery in Toronto. Most people recommend sending the flowers to the new mother’s home, so that there are fewer things to transport from the hospital.

Is it okay to send flowers even after the baby has been born?

Yes! For a few weeks after the birth of the baby, the parents would be  delighted to receive some kind of inspiration/cheer-up from their loved ones. When you congratulate them with a bunch of beautiful flowers from the flower shop Toronto, it will reinforce to the parents that they have the hearts and support of their friends who are willing to help.

What flowers do you give a new mom?

Traditionally, if the newborn is a girl, flowers like tulips, roses and lilies in pink, purple and pastel colours are chosen. For boys you can consider sending delphinium, lisianthus and sunflowers of the colours blue and yellow.

What if the newborn are twins?

Well, don’t get confused. Celebrate this lovely occasion by delivering two floral arrangements! This will turn out to be a wonderful surprise for the mom. Ifit is a girl and boy, send two unique bouquets one in blue and other one in pink in similar styles. It will bring twofold fun and excitement to the new family! Or one bright garden-style bouquet will be quite suitable.

Sending a beautiful arrangement of flowers is a perfect way to welcome a new member in anyone’s family. If you are looking to make this moment extra special, write a custom message on the card, so that it can be kept forever!