Three ways to tell good-quality bed linens for your bed

Bed linens are one of the most ignored parts of your bed considering that investing on the bed and the mattress itself are already expensive, however, this does not mean that you have to turn your back on bed linens considering that this will also help you in getting cozy and makes you fall asleep easier.

If you would notice, it is not entirely comfortable to lie on a bed without any covers, blankets, or comforters, especially the pillows which are not encased in pillowcases. These can affect your entire sleep and could ruin your night if you left this unattended.

Bed linens are as important as your mattress to give you a comfortable sleep the entire night. Just like your pillows, the bedsheets are always overlooked when it comes to considering some factors that contribute to a person’s sleeping pattern.

If you are planning to purchase bed linens for your bed and mattress, check out these useful tips to make sure you buy nothing but the most comfortable ones in the market.

  • Check the thread count of the linens– To let you know about the threads of a bedsheet, the warp is the vertical form of the threads while the weft is the horizontal position of the threads which are used as its terms in naming the position of the threads and are determined according to the number of it per square inch. Each position consists of 60 threads to mark it as a good-quality thread. There are two types of plies per threads, the one-ply and the two-ply threads. Ply is also advertised by its makers as one sign of quality. Ply is the number of threads which wrapped into a single thread while the two-ply fabric is the 500 thread count, and the one-ply consists of half of the two-ply which is 250 thread count just like what this will provide you.

  • Know what materials are used in making the linens– Determining where the materials came from in making bed sheets is important because it provides a porous nature produces fiber a better wicking or the ability to soak itself from moisture. Most of this fiber is grown in the moist soil along the Nile River which is called the Egyptian Cotton or the Extra Long Staples Cotton Fibers. This type of fiber has fewer splices and stronger threads, it also has longer cotton fibers that are perfect in making finer threads, and it also has more threads that can be weaved together per square inch to determine how comfortable it is when it is touched to your skin or you can check out.
  • Should provide you good sleep quality– Having a nicely woven and good-quality bed sheet, for sure, you will get a very good night sleep. Pure finish types of bed sheets will surely help you achieve good sleep as its quality provides you a chemical free and hypoallergenic sheet that is harmless to us and provides us better and more comfortable sleep which can only be achieved if you purchase good-quality bed linens.