What Beautiful Women do to Their Hair

Having a luxurious hair is an investment. It is something that you should put effort, time and love for. Hair is one of a girl’s asset— and it can definitely make or break your whole aura.

A lot of girls can definitely testify as to how they make their hair looking so shiny, fresh and glowing. Which basically makes them more beautiful too. You always have the question of, “do you always go to hair spas?”.

Basically, yes they do go to a hair salon service to take extra care of their hair. But they also make sure that along with a regular salon service, they also practiced the good hair habits.

Women are so capable of doing skin, to facial, to the body to hair care. That’s why if you are wondering why you can’t get that dream hair of yours no matter how much therapeutic shampoos you used— then maybe it’s time that you practice this good hair habits below!

Good Hair Habits 

What you do to your hair results to how your hair will look like— either dull, freezy, no life or beautiful, shining and healthy.

Aside from getting a hair salon service, there are good hair habits you should practice. Check this out below…

1 Avoiding heat styling

Some of the most common heat stylings most girls do are hair ironing, or hair curling or blower in heat processed. You must know that using such hair tools can do a lot of damage to your hair,  and it will slowly lose all the vitamins your hair naturally has. However, you can still make use of such tools given that you use a spray-in-heat protectant.

2 Sleeps on silk

The silk’s smooth texture won’t rough your hair cuticle when you sleep. While cotton clothing does. Sleeping in silks can result in a smoother hair and most likely girls don’t have frizzy hair strands by the morning.

3 Keep the hair clean

Part of keeping your hair clean is by washing it daily by water, making use of shampoo and conditioner that are healthy to the hair— best to not use shampoos with a lot of chemicals, use those that has natural ingredients to it like coconut oil or aloe.

4 Moisturize

Never ever skip moisturizing your hair. The skin that makes your scalp needs moisture just like your face. If you want your hair to grow healthy, then it also needs a healthy foundation. A good rule of a thumb, which is a very common ground, is to condition every time you shampoo.

Moisturizing also does not end right after the shower. Combing through a protective product can also do so much help, it reduces split ends, frizz, and dryness. Some even say to comb your hair at least 100 times at night before you sleep.

5 She sees the experts

Keeping your hair healthy means you also need to stay loyal with the ones you know who can take extra care for it even more better. A regular visit to the salon is a good way to make sure that your hair is in good hands. Don’t forget that a girl’s best habit for her hair is to have a hair salon service that is definitely out of the world.