Top Swim Shorts For This Summer

men’s swim shorts

Over the course of several years male swimwear has been changing progressively. You will notice that it all started with some really long briefs that could be termed full shorts at one time then there was that hybrid short and leotard somewhere down the line that needed to just leave after the 1920s. People slowly transitioned into regular sized shorts in the 60s and it was sweet bliss from there on. The concept of modern swim shorts must seemed to kick on from there. Given successful fashion campaigns like the Calvin Klein campaigns did popularize the trend and help it to stick. They are also responsible for all the pressure that was placed on the men to look buff or lean in those ads.

There is now change in the way men view swim shorts. The conversation has switched from shorts you can wear all day and be okay with the length to comfort and luxury. The comfort of being in a swim short should come from the cotton lining within the short. Cotton is breathable and allows your downstairs area to not get sunburn or line marks from wearing the short for too long. This is critical when you are making the choice of the perfect men’s swim shorts for the summer. Never go for something that has plastic on it. It will not only look cheap but feel cheap. The material will be uncomfortable for you and will just be a nuisance.

men’s swim shorts

Printed speedo leisure shorts.

The company that is well known for producing swimwear amongst other things is finally phasing out their old fashioned swim wear. Those bullock like shorts are just some of the things we do not wasn’t to see when we go men’s swim shorts shopping. The design of this short thankfully is made to fit any physique. You do not have to be the best at having lower abs but you can look equally as good in this outfit. The drawstring will help if you have a small waistline.

Retro swim shorts from River Island.

What would this list be if it did not contain a few retro vibes from River Island? These monochrome dark red swim shorts kick it all the way back to the 60s and still look modern enough to exist in the current age. They are also great if you want to show off your toned thighs and legs at the beach.

Ralph Lauren Swim shorts.

This is one of the best pairs of shorts in the entire list. If you do not like the drawstring vibe then this is one of the shorts you can wear. This pair also does not limit you when it comes to size. It offers a large size range all the way to 5XL. You can be assured robust bodies will fall in love with this pair.

Calvin Klein logo swim shorts.

What would a swim shorts list be without the guys who placed more waist bands on people in the US than any other company? This is the case when it comes to Calvin Klein swimwear. They make the perfect waistband that sits right where it should.