Best Practices for Cleaning Your Glass Bongs

Best Practices for Cleaning Your Glass Bongs

Bongs are often called water pipes. Most smokers prefer it because it offers cooler and smoother hit. If you chose glass bongs, it effectively combines function and form creating a practical and beautiful experience. Choosing the right bong is not easy but it gets better as you go along.

Once you have bought bongs, proper cleaning is crucial to keep them at their peak condition longer. Through this, you will save money in the long run. You will come across many pieces of advice and ideas about proper cleaning but to make things easier for you, here are the best practices:

Pour the dirty water

After every session, do not forget to clean the glass bong. You can do this by pouring out the dirty water and flushing its inside with clean and warm water.  Subsequently, you should ensure that you emptied the water out.

Pour a cleaning solution

Now that the water is emptied out, you need to pour a cleaning solution into your bong. You must know that there are many types of cleaning solutions like isopropyl alcohol and salt. Experts recommend choosing a solution that is designed for cleaning resin.


Cover the opening

Now that you poured a cleaning solution, the next thing to do is to cover the opening with your hands or paper towels.

Shake the cleaning solution vigorously

You need to cover the opening because you are preparing to shake the cleaning solution vigorously. Do not stop shaking it until you see all resin removed from the glass. If you do not want to shake vigorously, it might help to soak the glass for a little while to help loosen the resin.

Consider a pipe brush

If shaking vigorously or soaking the glass for a little while does not work, it is time that you employ a pipe brush. There will be times that you won’t get a stubborn spot. For this, you can consider a pipe brush.

Rinse the glass bong

It is time that you pour the cleaning solution and rinse the glass bong to prepare it for future use. When you rinse, make sure that you use warm water. If your glass still looks hazy or filmy, you need to wash it one more time by putting little cleaning solution then rinse again with warm water.

Store it

If you plan to store the bong, just leave it to dry. If you want to start again, put fresh filtered water again.

Aside from cleaning and maintaining, you have to ensure that you are buying a good quality glass bong. Keep in mind that the glass quality and thickness of the bong influence its life. You have to choose the right one. You must know though that there are two main types of glass used for making bongs – soft glass and hard glass.

Soft glasses have solid colors or a variety of colors. However, they tend to be cheaper in cost and quality. Hard glasses typically appear clear glass but they tend to be thicker and dense, which makes it good quality and less vulnerable to breaking.