Airbrush Makeup For Weddings – Is It Worth It?

Airbrush Makeup For Weddings - Is It Worth It

Makeup airbrushing is one of the latest trends in the makeup industry these days. This is a very popular method worldwide especially in modeling, movies, and now even the bride’s request it from their wedding makeup artist.  When airbrushing is done correctly, it can give you a smooth, flawless result which can take so much time to achieve when doing the traditional makeup.

However, before you consider this option check with your Toronto wedding makeup artist for more information. So here are some of the Pros and Cons of makeup airbrushing that you should know first. It is important that you understand these first before making a decision. But what makes it so popular?

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The Advantages of Makeup Airbrushing

Unlike the regular makeup, airbrushing can stay all day. This is because most airbrushed makeup is silicone based which can last longer. It is also more water resistant which can withstand all the hugging and kissing that will be normal on a wedding day. It gives a very smooth and flawless finish faster than the traditional makeup style. You are sure to look stunning in every picture.

With airbrushing, it requires less makeup application. It is very lightweight which is perfect for a long day. It can also be layered easily. Since the airbrushing technique uses a very fine layer, it can dry up quickly. This means that you can add more layer for better coverage. As long as your skin is well hydrated, there’s no problem with layering on this method.

The Disadvantages of Makeup Airbrushing

One of the reasons why not many consider this as an option is because of its price. It is not a secret that this method is pricier compared to the regular makeup. It can also be flaky when you have dry skin. Remember that airbrushing is perfect for women who have well-moisturized skin. So if your skin has dry areas, it can be flaky and the consistency will be less creamy. Another problem that most people using this technique is because it comes in limited shades. Airbrushing uses a different type of foundation.

Airbrushing is one of the latest techniques used in makeup. Many companies and salons are now offering this and many women opt for this option. This is because of its natural finish and longevity compared to the traditional method. However, with regular makeup, it may not stay as long as the more advanced technique, but it’s way cheaper and manageable. So if you are choosing from these two options, make sure that you choose wisely. It will be best if you can ask your makeup artist for their opinions about this.