Tips To Buy A Dress Shirt For Men

Dress shirts of formal shirts are a very important concept of dressing in the life of a man and almost everyone has to wear a formal shirt or rather a complete formal attire at least once in his life. The formal shirts are a very good option to explore because they have many benefits which include them being fashionable as they qualify for classic yet awesome menswear. A formal attire never ceases to impress the one looking on you. Secondly formals are really comfortable to wear as they are not skin hugging or skin tight they accordingly flow over your skin and get the right shape they are designed to take. One other plus point that it has over other outfits is that it gives one a professional look thus giving him an edge over others. Click here to buy one.

To buy a dress shirt or a formal shirt is a tough job and you have to know exactly what you want and need otherwise you can just drastically mess up your purchase and no matter how good it is you would always look shabby in those. It is not like surfing the net which would give you a v option to solve your problems. The factors that you should always keep in mind while buying dress or a formal shirt are as follow:

  • The very first thing would be to know your size and if you know that then you have a whole lot of work cut out for you. Various companies differ in terms sizes like M, S, XL etc thus the dress shirts are best bought according to the neck and the sleeve pair size for which you would need to measure your neck keeping in mind the breathing space and then measure the sleeve length from the end of the neck to the ending of the wrist. Once you have got these two numbers get them rounded up to the nearest half inch and you will find a dress shirt in the market for that size. If you still want to check the neck region, you can go for the two-finger test where you have to insert two fingers inside the collar after buttoning the shirt at the neck if it goes in perfectly then the size is perfect.

  • The very next step would be to decide the fabric that you would want your shirt into. As there are many choices of people which range from oxford to poplin to herringbone each as per the person requires and what he is in comfortable with.
  • Collars are also available in various styles ad its up to the person buying them what he wants to go for and what he is comfortable with. There are button down collars, mandarin, point collar, spread ones and a few others and it is totally the decision of the person going for the purchase to decide which one he wants to buy for himself.
  • The next step would be to select the cuff style, and this is really important when you are buying a shirt especially a formal or dress shirt. there is single barrel which is the simple button-down cuff. Then there is option for the double barrel, which is double over cuff with a built-in button. There are single French and double French cuffs which are similar to single and double barrel cuff styles but they are different in way that they do not have button, they have cuff links.
  • The last step or rather the second last step would be to select your design if there is need of any and the colour of your shirt.

The last step would be to decide which brand you want to buy from as there are many including Indian Terrain, Levi’s, Duke, Louis Phillipe etc and there are places like flipkart, amazon, myntra etc. which give you an excellent option for purchasing online.